Coop d'Alentour

About Us


The Coop Alentour is a consumer cooperative which began in 1979. Its founders were seeking ways to obtain natural products at the best possible prices.  To do this they created a cooperative and then rented warehouse space and hired staff.

Over the years, they were forced to diversify their activities to be able to benefit from volume discounts. The members then decided to set up a distribution system for the benefit of commercial clients.

The Coop Alentour, a natural foods wholesaler, is the only cooperative that offers a distribution service throughout Quebec and parts of Ontario and the Maritime provinces.


The philosophy of Coop Alentour is to offer superior quality products and natural and organic foods at competitive prices with service that is personalized, reliable and courteous, at the right time and in the appropriate quantities.

The Coop Alentour is also one of the organizations that contribute to the development of healthy eating habits in Quebec.


Distribute, transform and promote organic and natural products for its clients while respecting its employees, its suppliers and the environment, all for the greatest benefit of its members.


Private Brand

Artisan Tradition offers over 600 food products in diverse categories. Principally developed around bulk products (nuts, cereals, dried fruits, spices, etc...) it also offers a wide range of organic grocery products including, among others, oils, pastas, vinegars and crackers.

The range of bulk goods is made up of regular and organic products offered in three different formats, from individual to family packaging. All organic products are certified by recognized certification bodies. We favour local suppliers when the product in question is available locally.

Coop Alentour


With oversight by a multidisciplinary board of directors, the Coopérative d’Alentour management group coordinates the work of a team made up of more than 70 employees who are dedicated to the satisfaction of its members, its clients and its suppliers.


Originally destined to serve a regional market, the Coop developed a complete distribution network which now covers Quebec, part of Ontario and the Maritime provinces as well as a partner in western Canada.

Even though the natural and specialised food boutiques represent the initial and priority markets of the Coop, it has responded to other markets to be able to service supermarket chains and the institutional sector for specific products.

Our close collaboration with suppliers and brokers enables us to offer attractive promotions and the best prices possible. A team of sales representatives regularly visits our clients to assure their satisfaction, present them with new offerings and offer promotions.

Products Development

While it naturally seeks regional and Quebec products, the Coop seeks the best natural and organic products from all sources for the greater benefit of its members and clients.

It also offers a wide selection of gluten and allergen free, equitable and certified organic and natural non genetically modified products, featuring a strict quality charter in terms of ingredients.

With approximately 25,000 sq ft. of warehouse space, the Coop facility can receive and store all its purchases in the same space, whether they be dry, refrigerated or frozen products.