Coop d'Alentour

Client Section

Being a client of the Coop Alentour distribution service brings many advantages:

  • A selection of natural and organic food products, including many from Quebec and many which are exclusive;
  • A selection of frozen products;
  • A selection of gluten and allergen free products;
  • A private label with over 400 high quality products;
  • A monthly circular which presents savings on various products;
  • A quantity discount program which is valid at all times;
  • A service to our clients which surpasses industry standards, both in terms of our sales representatives on the road and customer service agents at the distribution center.

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Client Connection

Note: your user name and password are confidential and should not be transmitted to any other person or business.

A control over access servers will be carried out at variable frequencies. If access comes from different servers your personalized access codes could be cancelled.